-002- MIHOEN! s​/​t EP




1000 copies on black vinyl.
Double foldout gatefold cover, hand-made screen printed by the bandmembers and myself, 16 pages booklet and white paperbag glued to the cardboard (NEVER AGAIN! hahahaha)


"On this 7” these Dutch political punkers drop 10 doozies of fresh, fast and intelligent crusty hardcore. Songs deal with issues such as the powers that be who label any dissenters as ‘terrorists’, the wages of large corporate board members and the rise of public surveillance cameras in the ‘fight’ against crime. Lyrics in Dutch and English but mostly Dutch. Each record comes in a hand made cardboard sleeve and the liner notes/booklet is all quality. This is the soundtrack for your next pissed off political demo. Get it. Get arrested. Get bail and then six months community service."
(Tim Scott) screamingbloodymess.com

"Coming at you from the Netherlands at 100 mph MIHOEN! are pure fucking hardcore from start to finish! The vocals are pist as hell and the drummer sounds like he’s trying to blast himself off the planet! Their sound is rounded off by super fast but in control guitar and bass riffing. This has a very early ‘90s S.F. Bay Area feel to it. The packaging is a cardboard gatefold deal with a lyric/info book attached to the inside with song explanations and photos on every page to help get their point across. The lyrics involve global capitalism, personal freedom, consumerism, and top it
off with a cover of Insult’s Modern Fascist Rednecks. I need to get my hands on a full length LP."
(Jake) Profane Existance #46

"MIHOEN! – “s/t“ 7“: Whoa, this puppy is absolutely eye-catching (a fat cardboard cover plus an informative booklet is included), but the
symphonies are even better! On their 6th. 7” (check also “Raast door…” and the splits w/ COCKROACH, CONTAINER CRUSTIES FROM HELL, POINT OF FEW – www.pointoffew.nl – and SICK TERROR – www.sickterror.cjb.net –), MIHOEN! – www.roerbak-geweld.nl – blaze through a healthy dose of totally uncompromising, raw hammering thrashcore which is played at rapid-fire tempos. Think of a mix between SEEIN’ RED – home.wxs.nl/~seeinred – and BETERCORE www.betercore.tk –,
Dutch fastcore is on the rise again!! These 9 slits of their own and “Modern fascist rednecks“ by INSULT wholly rule!! Get this!!"
(Loser) Warprayer # 148 (English version)

"This steamy hot dutch outfin takes its social protest seriously, with a great cardboard foldout lyric sheet (and even some text in english). Stylistically, their songs are similar in intensity to the NEOS, with stinging sandpaper vocals and a relentless stop-on-a-dime HC attack. Outstanding, sharp-edged stuff, strongly recommended."
(Steve Spinali) Maximmum R’n’R # 256

"This is one of the best looking hand made records I’ve seen. It’s screen printed on chipboard, opens with a gatefold where the booklet of lyrics is mounted, and it ever has a spine. Thay play frantic fast thrashing hardcore. Lyrics deal with world economics, extremism, capitalism bureaucracy, povery, political world leaders and working class politics. Intense stuff where the explanations and statements are much longer that the lyrics, but this is cool ‘cause the lyrics are in dutch and the statements in English. Funny thing is , they sound like they could be singing in spanish, as this really reminds me a lot of extreme fast spanish HC. Blasting blistering speed with a screamy vocal style, punchy drums with occasional breakdowns, and a manic overdrive to the energy. This is great - solid music, great package, strong statement. Quality DIY all the way."
(Chris) Slug And Lettuce # 81

"Wow, this is it! Charles Bronson alike total fastcore drive with quite audible vocals! Lack of words while playing this. Pure power violence/thrash fucker! I am not going to waste time writing shit about this. Just FIND IT your fucken thrash hero!!!!"
(Karol) Violence Magazine # 6

"Let's get this clear from the start - Mihoen! are awesome! I've thought so since I first saw them live in Copenhagen in 2001 and they've helped me keep this conviction over and over again through their recordings. The machinegun fire drumming, thrashy guitar, raging bass, and the intense in-your-face vocals to top it off - it's all doing its part. If there's anyone into the fast(!) side of the core that's missed this Dutch blistering thrashcore unit - shame on you!
And as always with Mihoen! the packaging is awesome. This time it's a four-foldout screen-printed cardboard sleeve with a sixteen-paged booklet glued inside including the lyrics with English explanations and illustrative artwork."
[Krogh, August 2005] Attack! Webzine

"Holy Shit!!! When I listen to this record I really wish that someone had forced me to listen to dutch hardcore a long time ago. I bet that Lärm, Seein Red(heard them in the past but they didn´t click back then) and Betercore are awesome bands that I really would enjoy busting my ass to. Mihoen! is ultra fast, impetuous, straight forward hardcorepunk that kicks ass, it reminds me a bit of Infest so you know this is good stuff. Great production, awesome cover/booklet and 10 furious songs of top notch hardcore. Im impressed, get this record NOW!"
Doomsday Magazine

"The chamber of this rapid-fire gun has ten tasty bullets greased and lined up to be shot at ya! That’s 10 political and critical bullets. This Dutch outfit sings most songs in dutch and in an amazing way. Definitely brings the message across, even if you are non-dutch speaking. Translations and explanations are included. Top speed and insane drumming, top speed singing, everything is top speed about this record. Awesome booklet in a fold out screenprinted cardboard sleeve. DIY for sure. And the band has humor aswell. Easily the best fast hardcore band form Holland right now. Good thing is that they can prove it live aswell. I bet that even non-dutch listeners will be impressed by this. Open up your eyes and hears and find this record."
Short, Fast & Loud #12

"Packaging and layout of this EP totally blew me away! Double gatefold (!), 16 pages booklet (including all lyrics and explainations/statements) and silk-screened cover. Great! Talking about the music, this 7” perfectly fits into the “full speed ahead”-category. Holland´s MIHOEN! thrash in the tradition of LÄRM / SEEIN´ RED through 10 energetic tracks full of anger, with socio-political lyrics and touch of cynism. There´s nothing more to add MIHOEN! take no prisoners. Thrash `em all!"
Campaing For Musical Destruction #12


released May 15, 2005



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