-004- NO CONFORME / CAOS ÖK "Bye Bye Life" Split LP




??? copies on black vinyl.

Co-released with Kremón Records, ?????

"Raw and speedy hardcore delivered with convincing power from No Conforme. Ten tracks with, for the most part, Spanish lyrics brought forth with both dual male and dual fe/male vocals. They even have a go at Swedish in their cover of "Rustning Är Ett Brott" (Mob 47). The production on this is great with a loud and rough production with that cracked distortion feeling on top of it all, but it's still clear enough.
Caos OK are, as their name suggests, more chaotic in their approach. The sound isn't as dark, the guitars more piercing, and the song structures more spastic. Lay on top of that intensely shouted vocals and a frantic drumbeat as a base and you have a raging Spanish hardcore release, with the exception of a few "slower" tracks and/or sections here and there.
I personally like No Conforme a bit more, but Caos OK are without a doubt managing to deliver as well. And the cool artwork on this is of course a plus." [Krogh, August 2005] Attack! Webzine

"Caos Ok gives you ten tracks of grind influenced punk rock. Their sound is gruff and edgy, with lots of circle pits anthems and moments of sheer brutality. Easily giving the punx what they want, this band covers all the bases for anthemic crust punk party madness. No Conforme have a complimentary sound. Frantic hardcore played with a metal guitar, grindcore vocals and rocking tempo. It is cleaner and more melodic than you would expect with the metal and grind elements, but still have a mushy quality to it. They have ten songs here (one a Mob 47 cover)."
Heartattack #48

"No Conforme are dual m/f vocal crust punk with fuzze guitars and constant D-Beat driving into the sunset. It sounds like a dozen other records that came out this monththere is nothing new here, but the execution is superb, and they do have a song called “Free beer for the punx” , which is a major point in their favour. Caos OK take a much dirtier rock and roll approach, and the result is quite pleasant indeed. Their side alternates between slower tunes that reminds me of 90’s german metallic acts and faster melodic metal numbers, all with a multiple vocal attack. Certainly the more original of the two, but this is good on both sides."
Slug & Lettuce #85

"A heavy duty combination of crusty thrash band from Spain team up here for a seemingly non-stop assault on system and it's defenders. CAOS ÖK play breakneck thrash that's a lot like CHAOS UK in their Earslaughter days. NO CONORME sound closer to a mix of HIATUS meets FLEAS AND LICE (especially when the female vocalist kicks in), but they also rock a MOB 47 cover that's tighter than the original. Wrap it all up in a black and silver ink packaging and you get an over-all affect that's simply punk as fuck!!!"
Profane Existance #50/51

"When I´m right informed, both bands sharing this split come from Barcelona. While CAOS OK play varied, rocking HC/Punk with some metal influences, NO CONFORME make your ears bleed with some blasting D-beat/Dis-crust attacks. The 10 songs of the before mentioned band I like best on this record. Full speed ahead stuff with great male/female vocals. And I really have to mention the the cover version of “Rusting Art Ett Brett” from the mighty MOB 47! CAOS OK offer 10 songs too. Not bad at all, but it´s not 100% my cup of tea. The Lp comes with a huge lyricsheet and the artwork is simply fantastic! "
Campaing For Musical Destruction #12 (original review in german)


released August 11, 2012



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