-006- YAKUZA HORROR Demo​-​Tape




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Co-released with Disundead Records, Kremón Records, Humildad y Honestidad y Controversy Distro.

"In the true spirit of European chaos Spanish Yakuza Horror rages on with loud and noisy hardcore throughout the eight tracks on this pro-tape. Dual vocals, one screamer and one growler, sawing guitars, a crunching bass, and d-beat drumming - all done with a brutal rawness.
I appreciate this in it's roughness and straight forward approach with no messing around, but at the same time I can find it a bit to regular to really get into. It all depends on what mood I'm in really. If I want uncompromising traditional south European d-beat inferno this is awesome, but if I'm looking for originality and/or more memorable riffs together with the power this isn't really the place to look. But, it's a good tape and if you find it you should pick it up"
[Krogh, August 2005] Attack! Webzine www.attackfanzine.net

"Gente de grupos diversos de „España“ (Karnvapen Attack y Down To Agony)hacen Crustcore afinado más bajo (?) del estilo de Doom/ Skitsystem ymuestran tanto a ellos como a nosotr*s, que ese estilo siguegustandoles. D-Beat consecuentamente oscuro con gruños y gritos, aveces rápido y a veces lento, pero siempre directamente del infierno. 8canciones que no son tan malas, bastante auténtico. Pues, ¿qué se puedeescribir sobre una banda que reciclan Crustcore de los finales de 1980s/ principios de 1990s? Que esto ya esta agotado ? Depende de la exigencia de cada un*. A mí me gustan Doom y ENT- hasta Skitsystem me gustan un poco. Y me gustan Yakuza Horror. ¿Letras ? Nada- todo en castellano, por eso lo he cagado. Presentacion buena."
(Traducido del aleman) www.faulzahn.tk

"I’m not sure where this band is from, but all the writing is in spanish so i assume they’re from Spain or Central/South America. Regardless of that, this band is awesome. They play raw d-beat crust with scary and dark guitar chords and riffs, and the vocals are crust as fuck. The recordings are harsh, noisy and distorted, but that adds to the overall sound of the band. I don’t know what the lyrics are about but I really like the music. Horror d-beat crust attack!! Maybe they are listening a lots of Rudimentary Peni and Disclose."
Heartattack # 48

"A perfect mix of Hellshock inspired crust and modern apocalyptic Japanese hardcore from Spain. Dual vocals attack (high and raspy and low and guttural of course) over madly distorted drums and guitars wailing out Swedish leads between repetitive tuneless riffs (although “Caer otra vez”, though drenched in fuzz, is still catchy as hell)… it’s a crasher crust dream come true. Eight songs in all, none of ‘em stinkers."
Slug & Lettuce #85

"Here we have eight tracks of somewhat raw crust punk from Spain with lots of metal riffs thrown in for good measure. For the most part it's a pretty standard dose of driving power chords with vocals that jump from scathing screams to lower growls. "Caer Otra Vez" has a little more of a punk vibe going on with some pulsing melodic basslines and quick lead runs that make it more of a memorable song, but the subtle melodic undercurrents in "Locos" are also pretty promising against the chunky midpaced rhythms. The bass player is definitely pretty awesome and really adds a lot to these otherwise commonplace songwriting tactics, that's for sure. Many of the songs on side B are actually a little more straightforward and consistent in terms of hitting on lots of D-beat staples and sounding pretty similar to one another, but "Jipi Malicioso" adds in a little hint of chunky metal at the start to provide a little spice. The recording's not that bad. There are some minor little dropouts happening at times, but the mix is listenable and I can easily tolerate the rough aesthetic of the tones as well. The professionally duplicated cassette comes in a standard case with a xeroxed cover that has a solid layout and all of the lyrics (which are in Spanish), so… I can't offer any real insight there, but it looks pretty good. Oh, and the band members all seem to be using fake Japanese names as well!? I don't know what that's all about, but this is an okay tape. I'm not blown away or anything, but there are some good songs. I'd just suggest the band push for something a little more creative or diverse in the future as this kind of thing only holds up for so long. Not bad, but there's not much to it, so it can get boring. I wish I could provide more information as to what the band is about, I'm guessing they're kind of a humorous band or something, but who knows!? (5/10)"

"Don´t let the name of the band and the assumed names of the bandmembers (for example Takeshi or Yoshiro) fool you. YAKUZA HORROR don´t play Japanese hardcore. No, Yakuza HORROR are from Spain and they play down tuned midtempo crust with angry growled and high pitched vocals. 8 brutal attacks right in your face! I don´t know if MASSKONTROLL influenced the band, but the sound remembers me sometimes a lot of the american crust heros. YAKUZA HORROR is a sideproject of members from KARNVAPEN ATTACK und DOWN TO AGONY and if they continue to play such brutal stuff, then I´m sure we will hear some more great stuff in the future. This tape makes appetite, appetite for destruction!"
Campaing For Musical Destruction #12


released March 15, 2006



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