-017- MOHO "20 Uñas" LP




1000 copies on black vinyl.
Co-released with Cooperacción Records, Parade Records and Blind Date Records

CD version on Throne Records for Europe and Shifty Recordings for USa.


"The lengthy track times and even lengthier hairstyles from this Spanish power-trio suggest that we’re in for yet more unnecessarily drawn-out and listless sludge, but in actual fact, you couldn’t be further from the truth. A righteously kick-ass rock record from start to finish, Moho certainly know a good fucking riff when they hear it, and have an uncanny knack for battering the shit out of them without it getting in the slightest bit boring. Recorded during a mammoth live session (an understandable decision, considering that these guys are as tight and in-tune with each other as it’s possible to get), Moho’s blend of harsh hardcore punk with swinging stoner is extremely hard to resist. Kicking off in frenzied style that makes you wonder how they’ll keep things going for the entirety of “El Tren”’s 9-minute duration (the whole thing is 40 minutes long with a mere six tracks), riffs morph into one another, kept going by completely natural progressions, alternating between where the music takes the players and where they choose to take it, the energy providing the heat that keeps this juggernaut ticking over. As the singer says at the start of one song – “So fucking let’s go!”. In-fucking-deed! "
-Kunal Dandi, www.collective-zine.co.uk

"People who aren’t into heavy music think it all sounds the same – a heaping mass of grey, shapeless noise. Even people who do like some heavy music think what is generally termed ‘sludge’ all sounds the same, slight variations on the feedback/riff/shriek theme patented and put to bed by Eyehategod way back when. Fact is, like Delta Blues, Sludge is a specifically American form – a means of expression that, to fans, rarely sounds the same. While it has certain parameters, it’s the quirks and style of different bands that, to my ears, makes Mugwart, Cavity, Eyehategod, or Fistula sound like different beasts altogether.

Weird things can happen when a sound travels across water and gets picked up on by musicians in other countries. Case in point: Madrid’s Moho. A trio of obviously Southern-obsessed noise mongers, the band has the good sense to sing in their native tongue (I’m going by song titles here, Moho could be ranting in Swahili for all I can make out) while paying tribute to the Gods of sludge. Released by Ohio’s Shifty Records and Spain’s Throne Records, 20 Unas is truly an international endeavour.

Moho is made up of members of Denak, Like Peter at Home, and Looking For An Answer – none of whom I’ve ever heard of. After spinning 20 Unas fairly regularly for the last two weeks, they might be worth investigating, because Moho is a monster. Kicking off with the by-now traditional squall of feedback, opening track “El Tren” immediately brings to mind Cavity, Eyehategod and Bongzilla. By the end of the song, however, you realize Moho are their own band. First of all, they have ideas to spare – “El Tren” moves through so many seamless, great changes that Moho must either be master improvisers or complete craftsmen who’ve worked these songs to a finely polished stone. Either way, this is a great song, and so is second track “Culebra,” both long tracks that don’t bog down on repetition. It’s the fierceness of attack and drive that firmly sets these bestoned Spaniards on their own miserable little island.

The band also has a sense of humour – bear witness to the shrieked intro to “Rompiendo Huesos” and the more straight-up hardcore sound of this track. It’s the kind of shit that’s so over-the-top that you can’t help but smile. Of the remaining tracks, it’s “Gusano de Fuego” that really caught me. I’m a sucker for long drone-fests, and the band puts their own spin on this template here to great effect, complete with chunky riffs and torrential drumming. 20 Unas often sounds like a really great recording done in a jam room, and nowhere more than on this track, which sounds like a Spanish cousin to Bongzilla’s “Gateway.”

So, fans of Bongzilla, Cavity, Eyehategod, Unsane, Weedeater, prick up thy ears, this is one for you. Moho also has a handful of tracks on Shifty’s most excellent Crushers Killers Destroyers II compilation. More than anything, the emergence of Moho and like-minded bands like Fleshpress is a great sign – that noise fiends all over the globe are putting their unique mark on a truly American form."
-Rube, www.hellridemusic.com

"España’s most hopeful successors to the Iron Monkey throne, Moho sling the sludge just as suffocatingly as Cavity or Eyehategod. A split release between Ohio’s Shifty Records and Spain’s Throne label, the band’s debut album doles out super heavy-handed hardcore with doom overtones and a two-pronged vocal attack of death screams and deeper growls. Opener "El Tren” is very reminiscent of II-era Keelhaul, encapsulating a mud-packed maelstrom that’s replete with bassist Iñaki’s snarling death vocals. "Culebra” devolves into Iron Monkey territory but lifts its head out of the sludge halfway through for some Southern-tinged, Beaten Back To Pure-styled soloing. Iñaki announces "Rompiendo Huesos” with a throaty howl as guitarist Raul rips into more upbeat, Cathedral-inspired doom’n’roll. While "Caronte (Escape)” sounds like Carcass aping Karma To Burn, "Gusano De Fuego” is a dead ringer for Iron Monkey: 12 lengthy minutes of pure sludge satisfaction, with requisite feedback and down-tuning. 20 Uñas tenders Moho as the next heavy-hitters, sure to make even the most cynical fans destructively happy."
-Chris Ayers, www.exclaim.ca


released January 15, 2007



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