-025- ANTI​-​PLAYAX "València Marca Registrada" LP




1000 copies on black vinyl.
CD version co-released by 11 different labels and distros, 1200 made.


'Fucking Great lp from this brand new spanish band. Along with Insomnio, Invasion, Uber, and others- this band is terrorizing our scene with some great fucking Hardcore punk. This is fast paced to mid tempo 80's style HC that makes us here think they must be influenced by bands like GRB, IV REICH, WRETCHED and more stuff like that. Cross that with a bad ass early US HC flavor and you'll get somewhere close to this. An Outstanding 1st release for this band, looking forward to hearing more!

-NO WAY Records Website

"Antiplayax from Valencia. Punk/Hardcore carried by lotsa fun, you can feel that on every groove of that record: sing-a-longs with everyone hanging around nearby, played forward with no frills, lots a chorusses to sing with, if I only could speak Spain. This whole reminds me of a spanish version of Copenhagen Hardcore/Punk or say even DeanDirg, this fast sloppy Hardcore with 77 Punk-influence. Funny the song „Chorizo flavoured Seitan“, it is just a recipe for a Seitan dish. According to that did singer Eduard cook for the whole crew at the Insomnio show in Mannheim, great guy! Okay, the anarcho lyrics are not free of clichees, but all is DIY as fuck and it just makes infectious a happy mood! Live I would be first row, showering the others with beer, but to make this my favourite at home I am not that a fan of that style, I honestly prefer my Kick’n’Punch releases at home. Although thumbs up, very good record!"

TRUST Fanzine (original review in german)

"Hailing from Valencia Spain, these guys rip through 17 tracks of political and social fueled punk. They have an early 80’s feel to their sound and can easily have you bopping your head along. The lyrics deal with asshole tourists, police and enviromental issues. All the songs except the Reagan Youth cover are sung in their native tongue but not to worry they have included a lyric sheet with the English translations. There is even a recipe for Chorizo flavored Seitan."


"This band is so good. Imagine Ian MacKaye learning Spanish and joining The Hives and that is EXACTLY what this band sounds like. They have the raw energy of both Minor Threat and The Hives, but have that kind of groovy sound that The Hives had when they first started. If you can find this 12” anywhere, then I strongly suggest you pick it up."

(Leigh)-MASS MOVEMENT Magazine

'From Spain comes this hyper punk band that draws from the late seventies and early eighties. The guitars are noisy and jangley, and no distortion pedal is in use! Everything else is held down with straight-forward rhythms and a quick pace that won't let up. They do slow down a bit of the song 'Valencia,' which is catchy as hell, and throws some stop-start breaks to keep it interesting. Then they rip it up again with 'Sang a Les Mans.' A few other standouts are 'Seitan,' 'Anys Perduts,' and 'You Smoke You Die!' Great record, without a doubt!'

(Matt Average) RAZORCAKE Magazine & Webzine

"Very modern-sounding light hardcore and punk from Valencia, Spain. The playful poppyness of this reminds me of bands like The School Jackets or Total Fury. This is well executed, and you can tell these guys love HC punk but it’s not working for me personally. There is a Reagan Youth cover."

(Randy) MAXIMUM R'N'R Magazine (October ’08 issue)

"A 17 song debut LP of raging 80's style hardcore by this explosive band from Valencia, Spain. This is raw and brutal hardcore punk that brings back memories of such classic compilations as 'Welcome to 1984' and the 'War / Peace' comp. All of the lyrics are in Spanish (expect the REAGAN YOUTH cover) but a translation sheet is provided. Another quality release from Trabuc Records and friends."

-PROFANE EXISTENCE Records and Magazine

"Die Haus-und Hofband des spanischen Trabuc Records-Label mit ihrem ersten richtigen Longplayer. Vorher gab es eine Menge Singles, Samplerbeiträge und den üblichen Kram, nun geht es in die vollen: politischer, angepisster, zynischer, aggressiver und zerstörerischer Hardcore-Punk mit Killermelodien. Manchmal gibt es schnelle, wütende und kurze 1-Minuten-fast-as-fuck-Smasher, dann folgen wieder ein paar Mid-Tempo-Sing-a-long-Hits, die Band weiß, wie Abwechslung klingen muss und bringt das alles Bestens unter einen Hut ohne beliebig zu werden! Ebenfalls sehr geil: Anti-Playax singen in katalanisch, was zwar dazu führt, dass ich kein Wort verstehe, aber es scheint der Illustration nach über die üblichen Themen wie Umweltzerstörung, Polizei, Unterdrückung und Ungerechtigkeit zu gehen. Kommt mit sehr schönem Artwork!"

-TWISTED CHORDS Records Website

"València marca registrada' es el disco de la temporada. Lo escucho y me apetece armarme con una medusa tóxica gigante y lanzarla sobre el ayuntamiento (esperando que de paso destruya también el Mogambo). Tiene un magnífico concepto de cagarse en Marina D..or y en general en esta tierra que huele a alcantarilla, llena de gañanes e hijos de puta que es Valencia. (Tb hay algún tío majo por ahí) Como todo disco de jarcore que se precie le calculo unos 20 minutos para sus 18 temas,y en ellos puedes ver todo tipo de influencias de bandas de principios–mitad de los 80 , o unos B.G.K. , Diatribe sin distorsión … por nombrar algo la verdad … hardcore punk rápido vamos, la fórmula es fácil y cuando se hace bien es la música que me llevaría a mi contenedor de por vida. Un sonido de guitarra enlatado, chirriante, y destartalado que me flipa, en plan bandas suecas como Regulations pero con mala ostia… es una época de puta madre para el jarcore punq.'


"Anti-playax Est le nouveau groupe phare de Trabuc Records. Et pour cause on retrouve le label-boss au sein du groupe! Vu l'artwork je m'attendais à un punk d-beat basique. Mais quelle ne fut pas ma surprise lorsque le disque s'est mis à tourné chez moi : 17 titres de punk hardcore nerveux très 80's. On est certainement entre le punk d-beat d'un coté et le hardcore des années 80. Un hardcore comme on l'aime, sans concessions et comme il devrait l'être : brut, nerveux, et crade. On est loin des trucs technique de haute voltige pour pro du manche, mais bien proche d'un hardcore des débuts : quelque part entre Minor Thread, REAGAN YOUTH (dont ils font une reprise), Black Flag (c'est même le titre d'un morceau : « Banderes Negres »), etc. C'est efficace et ça me plaît.

Le chant est en Catalan. Langue que je ne pratique évidement pas, mais qui ici donne un certaine fluidité à la voix. Il y'a là quelque chose de naturel, et rien n'y est forcé. Evidemment comme le groupe se classe et présente comme un groupe punk politique, ils ont message à partager. Le Catalan n'étant pas forcément la langue la plus parlée au monde, Anti-playax a ajouté des traductions en espagnol et anglais. Des sujets comme le tourisme de masse, les problèmes envirronementaux, la police, l'injustice sociale, l'indoctrination, etc, sont abordés. On retrouve même une recette de Seitan au milieu des textes."


ANTI-PLAYAX Valéncia Marca Registrada CD (Disundead) Anti-Playax - a quartet from Spain - has lined up seventeen tracks of not-so-modern sounding thrash punk. They keep it simple and don't mess around with anything they deem unnecessary, letting the energy in the music speak for itself. They've shed the distortion on the guitars in favour of late seventies/early eighties riff reminiscence, backed up by a catchy rhythm section and fronted by speedy vocal delivery - often brought forth by several members of the band. While the scaled down sound works well for the style I don't mind one that's slightly more powerful, something that adds to the intensity. This works, but the scale is balanced and some added aggressiveness would probably have tipped it to the bands favour. With the exception of "You smoke, I die!" and the Reagan Youth cover "U.S.A." all songs are sung in Spanish, but translations are provided. One of the tracks is even a recipe for Chorizo flavoured Seitan so turn it up and bring out the pots and pans! [Krogh - May 9, 2009]


released April 15, 2008



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