-060- LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER "Kraken" 12"EP




New LFAA Maxi-single.
Raw studio live recording including two new tracks and Minor Threat & Slayer covers.
Unadulterated Grindcore / Death Metal pressed on a 45rpm 12" and housed in a fully printed open jacket.
500 copies on black wax.
Co-released with Living Dead Society Records

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"While I can't help but question the need for a 12" 'maxi single' (particularly one on which two of the four songs are covers...) it's admittedly hard to sniff at the two original numbers to be found here. Recorded live in the studio, both 'Mártir Matarife' and 'Kraken' are fairly monstrous: big, gristly grindcore endeavours which twist, roil and threaten to claim you in much the same way as the tentacled beastie on the record's sleeve. Terrorizer and Bolt Thrower both work as touchstones, as do more modern brutalisers like Insect Warfare and Needful Things thanks to the focus on incessant pummel and density of sound.
The B-side features a cover each by Minor Threat and Slayer, two polar opposites in terms of style and political outlook (though this didn't of course stop the latter covering the former for their 'Undisputed Attitude' LP...) but which, I guess, highlight where LFAA are coming from musically and mentally. These are solid enough but to be honest it's pretty tough to shine when you're taking such greats as source material, all of which means those two originals we started with are left holding the fort for this brisk if brutal release."
Alex Deller www.collective-zine.co.uk


releases June 15, 2037

Recorded in a live session at Treboada Studio (Machetazo, Nashgul, Bokluk), A Coruña, Spain.
Engineered by Paco "The Maggot" Liaño, April 2014.
Artwork by Nor Venagruesa.
Santi-Vocals / Félix-Guitar / Makoko-Guitar / Ramón-Bass / Moya-Drums



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